Snorkelling is a fun and exciting way to explore the underwater world, and a great activity that kids can enjoy too! 

It can be a great way to spend time as a family. With a little preparation and a keen attitude, snorkelling with kids can be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Boy snorkelling in blue waters in wetsuit

Here, we share our top tips for snorkelling with kids:

  1. Take it slow: Start kids off in a shallow area with calm water, and give them plenty of time to get used to their equipment and practice their swimming and breathing techniques. As they become more comfortable, they can gradually move to deeper and more challenging areas. For example, start with a pool, lake or very calm waters (ideally where they can stand) before heading out to the ocean.
  2. Make sure your kids have proper fitting snorkelling gear. A properly fitting mask and snorkel will make it easier for kids to breathe and see underwater.
  3. Ensure your little ones are warm and comfortable in the water. Ideally, have your kid in a wetsuit to keep them warm and safe - wetsuits can protect against nasty scrapes and cuts from rocks and coral. They also offer sun protection. 
  4. Show them how to clear their snorkel: Kids should know how to clear their snorkel if water gets into it by blowing out through the mouthpiece or by lifting the snorkel out of the water and shaking the water out.
  5. Stay close to your child at all times and make sure they're comfortable and safe while snorkelling.
  6. Plan the snorkelling trip during a time when the water is calm and clear. This will make it easier for kids to see the fish and other marine life.
  7. Take a break if your child becomes tired or uncomfortable.
  8. Make it a fun, incorporate games and activities, such as underwater treasure hunts, to make the experience more exciting for your kids. Encourage them to explore and discover the underwater world and point out interesting marine life.
  9. If your child is still getting confident swimming in the ocean or still learning to swim, a swim vest or a pool noodle under their arms works great to help them float. That way, they can focus on the snorkelling.

Dad and son on a beautiful beach about to go snorkelling

By following these tips, you can help your kids safely and confidently enjoy the exciting experience of snorkelling. 

Remember, be patient and make it a fun experience for your child. It will take some time, and lots of practice. Set a good example by being excited and enthusiastic about the snorkelling experience yourself.

Happy snorkelling. 

Chloe x

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