Buying a wetsuit for your child can be life changing for beach days and all water activities. Below we share some frequently asked questions and some of our personal tips and benefits of a wetsuit for your little one. 


Should a wetsuit be tight on kids? 

Your kids wetsuit should fit snug. If it is loose it will let the cold water in, which defeats the purpose of the wetsuit. While it is important that your kids wetsuit is snug, you still want them to have movement and flexibility - for all day play! A wetsuit should act as an additional layer of skin. So, it’s not a great idea to buy a size up for your child to grow in to but the good thing is that all our wetsuits are unisex so can be passed down to siblings or friends.

Girl having fun surfing and get hit by waves at beach in wetsuit

Do wetsuits keep toddlers warm? 

Baby and toddler wetsuits provide warmth, protection and comfort for our little ones. Small kids can get cold, quite quickly. They do not have the same thermoregulation as adults. Wetsuits allow babies, toddlers and kids to stay in and around the water longer, while keeping them warm, happy and comfortable. 


What thickness should my kids wetsuit be? 

That will depend on your child, the location and the temperature in and out of the water. After lots of research of parents all around Australia we have found that 3mm is the ideal thickness for kids to swim in through summer, spring, autumn and winter for warmth, comfort and sun protection. A 3mm wetsuit will keep your child warm and protected, while still providing comfort and flexibility for all day play. Wetsuits over 4mm can get a bit stiff although may be needed in extremely cold water. 

Close up of palm kids wetsuit

Do kids need wetsuits in Summer/warm water? 

Wetsuits offer great protection - in many different ways, in and around water. When kids spend a lot of time in the water they often get cold, no matter what the water temperature is. 

Kids love to explore, right?! The beach, swimming holes and all sorts of water adventures are so much fun for kids. Wetsuits provide extra protection against scrapes, cuts, board rash if they are starting their surfing journey young and potential stings from blue bottles or jelly fish. 

Wetsuits also provide all day sun protection!  


Should kids wear anything under wetsuits? 

That is completely up to you and your child. Babies and toddlers can wear a swim nappy. Older kids can choose to wear cossie bottoms (‘speedo’s’), a swimsuit or go nude underneath! 


Girl holding flower at beach sliding down sand dune in wetsuit

Is a flatlock or overlock seam better for wetsuits?

Seam structure on kids wetsuits is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new wetsuit. A flatlock seam is ideal as it is flat and it doesn’t cause irritation or let water in. Overlock seams (which are often found in cheaper wetsuits), can let water through and they can also rub on the skin causing irritation or chafing.

Our wetsuits are all made using a flatlock seam and premium neoprene.


Do wetsuits help kids float?

Wetsuits are not a personal floatation device and they do not take place over a life jacket. However, they do provide additional buoyancy in the water, which in our personal experience has really increased our kids confidence in the water. 


Tips for getting your kids wetsuit on and off:

  • Start by putting the legs in one at a time
  • Before starting with the upper body make sure the bottom half of the wetsuit is in place (ankles, knees, crutch)
  • Ideally the wetsuit should be put on before the kids get wet, sandy or sweaty (sometimes hard, I know!)

Wetsuit benefits:

  • Warmth = happy kids
  • Sun protection = less fighting to get sunscreen on
  • Comfort
  • Additional buoyancy
  • Increased confidence in water 

We hope this information has been beneficial and helps choosing a wetsuit for your little one easier. If you have any questions about our wetsuits or any other enquiries please get in touch. 

Chloe & Nathan x

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