There is nothing better then seeing our products in action and hearing our valued customers awesome reviews. It makes our day to see all the kids getting outdoors, enjoying the water and livin' their best life.

But, this story has a special place in our heart. It brought tears to my eyes and it was the most inspiring and moving message to receive. This truly captures what we are trying to do.
Meet Brodie. These words are from his amazing Mum.
Boy playing in sand in wetsuit on a cold day
Brodie is 5, severely autistic, non verbal and epileptic. He doesn’t have a pain sensor so he also can’t tell the difference between hot and cold. So, he will go in the water, even on a stormy, overcast, freezing day.
He normally won’t wear swimmers because he can’t stand material suctioning to his skin and he can’t stand being restricted.
This wetsuit is freaking amazing!
We’ve been down to the beach everyday the last 4 days in a row and he’s happily put it on every day. He’s spent hours in the water and on the sand and hasn’t once wanted to take it off or cried because it’s uncomfortable for him.
You guys are legends and I can’t wait till the size 6 is in stock so that I can get 2 for him as he grows!
Keep doing good things legends!”
Boy having fun in water playing wearing a wetsuit on a cold day
Keep rockin’ Brodie, you legend!
Chloe & Nathan x

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